The Simpsons Goes PoMo

Episode 222. "Mom and Pop Art"
Guests: Jasper Johns (Voice of Himself) Isabella Rossellini (Voice of Astrid Weller)

"Homer reluctantly agrees to do some yard work, but his trip to home improvement store results him buying a do-it-yourself barbecue pit. His feeble attempt results in something that an art enthusiast considers "outsider art." When Burns pays big bucks for Homer's piece, he decides he is an artist. However, fame is fleeting because his art has become repetitive. So he concocts an idea that simply floods Springfield with good feelings about art."

b: 11-Apr-99 pc: AABF15 w: Al Jean d: Steven Dean Moore

Video of the episode: MP4 version -- password protected.

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Marge: "It's so exciting to do something cultural together."  
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Akbar and Jeff.  
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Homer: "Matt Groening! What's he doing in a museum? He can barely draw!" Homer: "Ow! Oh, no! I'm being erased!"
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Workers: "Move it, buddy. We've got an installation to installate."

Marge: "Mmmmm . . . a Claes Oldenburg. He's a European who defied convention and embraced American popular culture."
Homer: [whistles] "He must be 100 feet tall!"

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