Humphrey Bogart (1899-1957)

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Belmont and Maud Humphrey

Bogart as baby

1918 Pelham Park Reserve Training Station
1930 Devil with Women, A
  Up the River
Bogart and Spencer Tracy in Up the River
1931 Holy Terror, A
  Women of All Nations
  Bad Sister, The
  Body and Soul
1932 I Loved You Wednesday (play)

Bogart at the Cotton Club, 1930s
Bogart at the Cotton Club 1930s
  Three on a Match
  Big City Blues
  Love Affair
1934 Midnight
1936 Isle of Fury
  China Clipper
  Two Against the World
  Bullets or Ballots
  Petrified Forest, The
Petrified Forest 1955 Producers' Showcase live telecast of The Petrified Forest on TV
On right: 1955 Producers' Showcase live telecast.

Video clips: Bogart menaces
1937 Stand-In
  Dead End
DEAD END production still
Video clip
  San Quentin
  Kid Galahad
  Marked Woman
  Great O'Malley, The
  Black Legion
1938 Angels with Dirty Faces
  Amazing Dr. Clitterhouse, The
  Men Are Such Fools
  Racket Busters
  Crime School
  Swing Your Lady
1939 Invisible Stripes
  Return of Doctor X, The
  Roaring Twenties, The
Video clips: Bogart murders guard, Bogart's comeuppance
  You Can't Get Away with Murder
  Dark Victory
Video clip: stable scene
click for larger image click for larger image Dark Victory, with Bette Davis
  Oklahoma Kid, The
  King of the Underworld
1940s Publicity photos

With Mayo Methot
Battling Bogarts in Photoplay

1945: Wedding to Lauren Bacall
Bogart and Bacall Wedding Bacall Wedding Bacal and turkey Grauman's Chinese Theater
Miscellaneous Bogart and Bacall
Bogart and Bacall - on the Warners lot Bogart and Bacall circa 1954
1949: Bacall and Stephen Bogart
Bacal and son
1940 They Drive by Night
  Brother Orchid
  It All Came True
  Virginia City
1941 Maltese Falcon, The
Frame grabs:
Opening scene and various others
Closing scene
  Wagons Roll at Night, The
  High Sierra
1942 Big Shot, The

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Bogart wearing lifts during the shooting of CASABLANCA.

  Across the Pacific
  In This Our Life
  All Through the Night
1943 Sahara
  Action in the North Atlantic
1944 To Have and Have Not
click to enlarge click to enlarge To Have and Have Not
Video clips: Bogart meets Bacall, "Whistle"
  Passage to Marseille
1945 Conflict
1946 Big Sleep, The
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Video clip.
1947 Dark Passage
  Two Mrs. Carrolls, The
  Dead Reckoning
Bogart and Lizbeth Scott - Dead Reckoning

Committee for the First Amendment protests in Washington, DC (on left).

Hollywood Ten (on right). Front row: Herbert Biberman, attorneys Martin Popper and Robert W. Kenny, Albert Maltz, Lester Cole. Second row: Dalton Trumbo, John Howard Lawson, Alvah Bessie, Samuel Ornitz. Back row: Ring Lardner Jr., Edward Dmytryk, Adrian Scott.

"I'm No Communist," Photoplay, March 1948, pp. 52-53, 86.

Humphrey Bogart: I'm No Communist.


1948 Key Largo
  Treasure of the Sierra Madre, The
1949 Tokyo Joe
  Knock on Any Door -- first independent project: Santana, named after his boat.
Boat, with Bacall The Santana boat Bogart and Bacall and the Santana
1950s The "Rat Pack"
The Rat Pack - full group
Sands Hotel, Las Vegas, 1955 (from left): Humphrey Bogart, Sid Luft, Lauren Bacall, Judy Garland, unknown woman (Entratter's wife), Jack Entratter (manager of the Sands), Mike Romanoff, Frank Sinatra, Gloria Romanoff, David Niven, Hjördis Niven.
The Rat Pack (color) Judy Garland and Bogart
1950 In a Lonely Place
Video clip.
  Chain Lightning

African Queen, The
Publicity and behind-the-scenes photos
Bacall, Bogart, Hepburn Bogart and Bacall at breakfast Bogat and Bacall on set
African Queen, on set High-angle shot of the African Queen Rosie at the tiller. Oscar ceremony

Screen shots:
Opening scene
Various other scenes

Additional publicity photographs:
magazine photo shoot

  Enforcer, The
1952 Deadline - U.S.A.
1953 Beat the Devil
Beat the Devil
  Battle Circus
1954 Barefoot Contessa, The
  Caine Mutiny, The
1955 Desperate Hours, The
  Left Hand of God, The
  We're No Angels
1956 Harder They Fall, The
1957 click for larger image
1960 Hommage: Breathless
Belmondo does "Bogie"
Belmondo in BREATHLESS, doing "Bogie"
1972 Hommage: Play It Again, Sam
Bogart lectures Woody Allen.
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