Ordinary People (Redford, 1980)
Frame grabs from each scene.

Opening shots...
Fall, Lake Forest, IL

Conrad's school

Jeannine and Conrad


Waking from a nightmare

A play

Beth and Calvin

Trouble sleeping

Concerned father

Conrad's favorite, french toast.
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Waiting for his ride

Conrad's friends

A train crossing

Close-up on Conrad

The train


Conrad reacts

The train

Rambunctious boys


Conrad sees Jeannine

Thomas Hardy's
Jude the Obscure

1st contact with
Dr. Berger

Swim practice


Conrad's nightmare


Dr. Berger's office

Conrad's reluctance

Dr. Berger

"Did she die in Idaho?"

"Are you having fun out there?"



Conrad surprises Beth
in Buck's room

Cocktail party

Karen, from the hospital;
"Let's have the best year ever!"

Beth & Conrad can't connect

Beth laughs with a friend

Conrad remembers

Beth, in happier times

Buck tells a joke

Calvin & business associate,

Calvin remembers

Quarreling boys

Conrad's suicide

Quitting the swim team

His friends react

Conrad gets angry

"Give her the god damn camera."

Jeannine & Conrad connect

Asking Jeannine out

Christmas, quitting swim
team is revealed

No one-liners

"Why can't she love me?"

Calvin runs

Calvin sees Dr. Berger;
talks about self

Talking about Buck's funeral

Making Christmas plans (Houston)

The date: bowling &

Conrad opens up

Golfing in Houston

Conrad fights

"It's too hard to be around you."

Conrad learns about Karen's suicide


Water in the sink

The accident

Conrad's scars

Can't hold on

Emergency call to Dr. Berger


"I am your friend. Count on it."

Jeannine's house; they try again.

Golf-course argument

Calvin remembers

A young and happy Beth & Calvin

Conrad hugs Beth

"I don't know if I love you anymore."

Conrad & Calvin connect

Final shot begins...

Final shot (crane up)

End credits