TCF 440/540: Seminar In American Cinema
Spring 2011

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Outline of Topics

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1/12 Introduction to the Course
Ordinary People
(Redford, 1980; 124 min.) Click for illustrations
1/17 I have a dream . . .No Class: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
Why not read King's "I Have a Dream" or "Letter from the Birmingham Jail" today?
1/19 Film Analysis: Narrative Form
Out of the Past (Tourneur, 1947)Click for illustrations
Bordwell/Thompson, chs. 2, 3 Screenpedia
1/24 Film Analysis: Classical Style Click for illustrationsClick for illustrationsClick for illustrations Butler, chs. 6-8Click for illustrations Screenpedia Screenpedia
1/26 Film Analysis: Editing Click for illustrations 
Ball of Fire (Hawks, 1941)
Butler, ch. 9Click for illustrations Screenpedia
1/31 Film Analysis: SoundClick for illustrations Butler, ch. 10 Click for illustrations Screenpedia
2/2 Discussion: *Analytical Exercise Due* Click for illustrations
The Concept of Genre Screenpedia page
The Maltese Falcon
(Huston, 1941) Click for illustrations Click for illustrations
The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (excerpt, Wiene, 1920)Click for illustrations
Le Jour se Lève (excerpt, Carné, 1939; Gorgas VCR 84-24)Click for illustrations
2/7 Discussion Kitses (6-27),Click for illustrations Buscombe (33-45), Collins (157-163) Screenpedia article
2/9 Film Noir as GenreClick for illustrations Screenpedia article
The Grifters (Frears, 1990)Click for illustrations
2/14 Discussion

Silver & Ursini (17-26, 37-52, 53-64, 65-76) Screenpedia articleClick for illustrations

2/16 The Concept of Authorship Illustrations iconScreenpedia article
Only Angels Have Wings (Hawks, 1939)
To Have and Have Not
(excerpt, Hawks, 1944)
*Assignment One Due* (see Notes on Writing Film Analyses for tips)


Caughie (9-16, 22-67) Screenpedia article
Theories of Authorship


Howard Hawks as AuteurIllustrations icon Screenpedia article
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
(Hawks, 1953) Click for illustrations


2/28 Discussion

Sarris (on Hawks, 52-56), Caughie (138-151), Hillier & Wollen (26-31, 32-34, 68-71, 83-86, 111-119) Screenpedia article
Theories of Authorship

3/2 The Concept of Star The Star System Screenpedia article
Dark Victory (excerpt, Goulding, 1939)
The Petrified Forest (Mayo, 1936) Petrified Forest
*Assignment Two Due* (see Notes on Writing Film Analyses for tips)
3/7 Discussion Click for illustrations Dyer (Stars, 106-50; recommended: 88-105) Screenpedia article
3/9 Humphrey Bogart as Star Click for illustrations Screenpedia article
The African Queen (Huston, 1951) Click for illustrations Click for illustrations
3/12-3/20 Spring Break  
3/21 Discussion
Sklar (104-120, 165-176, 227-251)
Screenpedia article
3/23 Domestic Melodrama as Genre Click for illustrationsClick for illustrationsIllustrations icon Screenpedia article
*Assignment Three Due* (see Notes on Writing Film Analyses for tips)
Imitation of Life (Stahl, 1934) Illustrations icon Illustrations
3/28 **Midterm Exam**
Covers genre/film noir, auteur theory/Howard Hawks, and star studies/Humphrey Bogart
3/30 Domestic Melodrama Since World War IIRebel Without A Cause Screenpedia article
Juno (Reitman, 2007)Click for illustrations
Haskell (153-188) Screenpedia article
4/4 Discussion Gledhill (5-39), Elsaesser (43-69)
Screenpedia article
4/6 Melodrama Variations: TV Soap OperaSoap Opera Illustrations Screenpedia article
*Research Paper Topics Due*
Backstage Wife/As the World Turns
(CBS, 1956-2010) Illustrations icon
4/11 Discussion Soap Apparatus & Stars ATWT alumni Meg Ryan profile Illustrations icon Butler ("Zero-Degree Style," 55-120), Butler ("Actors," 75-91)
Screenpedia article
4/13 Douglas Sirk as AuteurIllustrations All That Heaven Allows Illustrations Screenpedia article
Imitation of Life
(Sirk, 1959) Illustrations
Recommended: Far From Heaven (Haynes, 2002)
4/18 Discussion Sarris (on Sirk, 109-110), Fischer (3-28, 268-272); recommended:
Doherty (online) Screenpedia article
4/20 Lana Turner as Star Click for illustrations Screenpedia article
The Bad and the Beautiful(Minnelli, 1952) Click for illustrations
4/25 DiscussionClick for illustrations Dyer (30-52) [Also in Fischer (186-206)] Screenpedia article
4/27 Discussion: Course Summary
Mildred Pierce
(Curtiz, 1945)
4/29 Extra Credit Due, TCF office, 4:45 pm  
**Final Exam**
8:00-10:30 a.m.

Covers melodrama, soap opera, Douglas Sirk, and Lana Turner.
**Final Paper Due**
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