Jimmy as a toddler.

He always valued the lessons learned in Indiana, Pennsylvania.

Jimmy with his family circa 1920.

  Frank Capra(sitting) directed Jimmy's performances in Mr. Smith goes to Washington and It's a Wonderful Life.

   Henry Fonda (tooting the horn) was Jimmy's life long best friend.  Their differing views on politics almost ended their friendship.

 Perhaps his most or second most famous film role as Jefferson Smith the naive senator from a mid-western state.  This film sparked some controversy because of it portrayal of the US government.  Communists had a field day with it.

   Margaret  Sullavan was one of many female actresses that Jimmy cavorted with during his days as a "Womanizer."  However, she was the one that he always wanted.  Unfortunately, she seemed to be married to someone else all the time.

 Marlene Dietrich was also Stewart's girlfriend for a while in the late 1930s. Here seen in the movie Destry Rides Again.

 Jimmy in The Philadelphia Story with (from right to left) Ruth Hussey, Cray Grant, and Katherine Hepburn.

  Ginger Rogers was Jimmy's most constant female companion during the 1930s.  She also won the best actress Oscar the year Jimmy won best actor for The Philadelphia Story.

   Jimmy- a WWII hero flying combat missions.

  According to Jimmy, WWII gave him the emotional depth and stability to finally start looking for a wife.  A late bloomer, Jimmy was married at age 41.

  Rope directed by Alfred Hitchcock, was a commercial and critical disaster for everyone involved.  

   Vertigo received a mediocre response at the box office.  However, this film was the culmination of the Hitchcock-Stewart partnership.

  Stewart and Fonda in London in 1970 during a stage production of Harvey.

  Jimmy received an honorary Oscar in 1975.

  Jimmy posing with a painting of his favorite on screen riding horse "Pie."  The picture was painted by Fonda.