Where Cyber-ians Learn the Manly Art of Tying a Bow Tie.

I'm not convinced you can learn to tie a bow tie from a diagram--it didn't work for me.(I succeeded the same way one gets to Carnegie Hall: practice, practice, practice.) But here goes:

Bow Tying Instructions from  The Bow Tie Club

"It's Just Like Tying Your Shoes"

1. Wrap yellow neckband around start of neckband on navy end.

2. Form a bow with the navy end as shown.

3. Bring yellow end over navy bow.

4. Form a bow with the yellow end as shown.

5. Bring double sided yellow end under and through opening behind navy bow.

6. Adjust doubled and single ends to desired shape. Remember, a proper bow tie never looks too neat, so make sure yours show individuality.

Illustrations and graphics taken from THE BOW TIE CLUB catalog.

Visit their website or call 1-800-Bow-Knot for ordering information.

Find out how to order a bow tie hand-made by a Maine seamstress (they also sell ready-tied bow ties, but be brave of heart and go for the authentic, unravelled version.)

For the stirring story of one man's triumph over the bow tie--my story, in fact,--give a click.

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